NatuEra achieved a total of 4 successful exports to the United States.

NatuEra achieved a total of 4 successful exports to the United States.

06 August 2020.

During the first quarter of 2020, NatuEra achieved significant operational milestones, such as the opening of the state-of-the-art, GMP-designed extraction facilities, the granting of preferential access to four cultivars registered with the Colombian Agricultural Institute with its first harvest of non-psychoactive (hemp), which took place at the end of April and the development of its first commercially available, hemp-derived CBD distillate, which was granted a non-controlled substance ruling by Colombia’s Narcotics Control Board.

In addition, between March and July, NatuEra successfully completed its first four exports of its product called “Nat-Zero” a hemp-extract with proven potency of 80-89% naturally ocurring CBD to the United States, for business development and R&D purposes, which arrived successfully and meeting all the compliance expectations.

As a producer of essential products and having implemented a comprehensive biosecurity protocol in compliance with applicable regulations, the company has remained operational throughout the health emergency decreed by the Colombian government due to Covid-19.

Currently, NatuEra is focused on accessing new markets and product expansion, including developing additional bulk offerings of hemp-derived CBD distillate and water-soluble hemp-derived CBD solutions.