NatuEra arrives in the UK

NatuEra arrives in the UK

05 November 2020.

Natuera continues to open markets and perfect its export processes, arriving with the best products for its customers.

With its state-of-the-art, cultivation and GMP-designed extraction facility, strategically located 25 miles from Bogotá, coming online on the first trimester of 2020, NatuEra is currently focused on accessing new markets and product expansion, including developing additional bulk offerings of hemp-derived CBD distillate and cannabis-derived THC bulk products.

During August of 2020, NatuEra successfully completed its first R&D export to the United Kingdom to be used as part of a study to collect toxicology data on CBD and gather safety information related to the UK novel foods application process.

As a producer of essential products and having implemented a comprehensive biosecurity protocol in compliance with applicable regulations, NatuEra has remained operational throughout Covid-19 pandemic.