Sungrown & Sustainable
from Colombia

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Natuera, Cronos Group's joint venture in Latin America, offers reliable, high-quality and fully-traceable contract growing and manufacturing solutions to the hemp and cannabis industry worldwide.

Located in Colombia, the world's most biodiverse country, we grow under 12 hours of natural sunlight every day of the year in fully-licensed, state-of-the-art, GMP-designed facilities.


Our People
Our Culture
Our Process
Our Land

We believe in the power of nature.

Natuera's purpose is to restore balance and improve life by creating
sustainable and powerful solutions that reconnect plants and people.


Our Products

Our People

At Natuera, we've assembled a winning team of top talent from
the agricultural, pharma, food and cosmetic industries.


Our Licenses

Grow With Us

Natuera is open for business and ready to supply the world with Colombia’s best cannabinoids.

Km 1,2 
Vía El Rosal – Subachoque


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At Natuera we understand that great products start with great people. That's why we've set out to assemble the best talent from the pharma, agroindustry, food and cosmetic industries.

Genetics define a plant as culture defines a company. That's why we've built ours around the following traits:

We value:
- Judgment
- Integrity
- Curiosity

We are:
- Bold
- Forward Leaning
- Team Players
- Great Communicators

Consistent quality, reliable supply chains and efficient cost structures all stem from clear processes. That's why process-based management is at the core of what we do.

Natuera is strategically located in the fertile lands of the Bogotá savanna, with natural conditions ideally suited for growing hemp and cannabis sustainbly year-round.

Currently available for export, Natuera's THC-Zero Broad Spectrum distillate offers a CBD potency of 80-90% and a wide range of terpenes and minor cannabionoids, while achieving government-certified non-detectable levels of THC.

Natuera is currently developing CBD Isolate with more than 98% CBD potency. This highly pure ingredient comes as an easy to work with crystalline powder and can be dissolved into many different carrier oils.

Natuera is currently developing Water Soluble CBD Isolate that combines proprietary extraction and refining processes with emulsification techniques, allowing it to be dispersed in almost any water-based product.

Natuera is currently developing custom-formulated Tinctures made with CBD Distillate or CBD Isolate, mixed with natural oils and natural flavors.

Natuera is currently developing CBD softgels, capsules and tablets. This quick dissolving and easy-to-administer solution is made by combining our CBD Isolate or CBD Distillate with other natural oils and dry ingredients.

Natuera is currently developing topicals, which we custom-formulate with a combination of our CBD Distillate and high-quality carriers that offer an ideal balance of CBD and other active ingredients.